Sunday 1 April 2007

Extacit - What's in a name?

The aim of this blog is to "extacify" what I learn during my MSc study and to gather my thoughts on all things KM

So where did "Extacit" come from? - Well, it comes from explicit and tacit knowledge.

Explicit knowledge - "is knowledge that has been or can be articulated, codified, and stored in certain media. It can be readily transmitted to others. The most common forms of explicit knowledge are manuals, documents and procedures." - wikipedia

Tacit Knowledge - "is knowledge that people carry in their minds and is, therefore, difficult to access. Often, people are not aware of the knowledge they possess or how it can be valuable to others. Tacit knowledge is considered more valuable because it provides context for people, places, ideas, and experiences. Effective transfer of tacit knowledge generally requires extensive personal contact and trust." - wikipedia

So, I want to turn all that is taught to me, explicit knowledge, into something that I can pass on to others, tacit knowledge, therefore "extacifying" the content?

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