Saturday 5 May 2007

B-Learning: Learning From Blogs

I am coming towards my exams now, and while revising, I have realised how effective my blogroll has been to me. I call this "B-Learning" (derived from e-Learning, literally blog learning).

I haven't had the chance to blog that often so far, but I will soon get back on track!

One of my exams is entitled "Case Studies in Knowledge Management". We have 2 case studies to write about in the exam:

1. The General Motors Variation-Reduction Adviser: An Example of Grassroots Knowledge Management Development

2. The SONY VAIO Community: Taking advantage of Online Communities for generating Innovative Ideas

When I was analysing these two studies, I found that there were many elements which I was able to digest quicker, as I had read about them every day in the KM blogs I subscribe to.

I will describe these 2 case studies in later posts, but basically, the traits were:
  • Collaboration
  • Web 2.0 - (Sony online community case)
  • Openness - (Particularly the Sony example)
  • Improved access to information
  • Communities of Practice

I have found the experience of receiving all the interesting posts via RSS an amazing time-saver. Previously, I had found myself endlessly trawling the net for valuable resources, and even my favourites folder was filling quickly!!

RSS, Blogging and Online Collaboration is changing my learning experience, and I can't wait every day to open up my Google Reader and start learning again!

Finally, I don't know if someone else has coined the phrase B-Learning (I'm sure they have), but I like it and it has helped me explain my learning habits to the non-technical.

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Patrick said...

Just dropped in to say hello Colin to return the compliment on your subscription to my youtube videos (Explaining KM). We also have a blog on KM at - and it's nice to come across a neighbour of sorts - I'm based in Singapore but the family has a house near Skerries... which is where I do most of my writing. Good luck with your exams (or are they over already?)!