Friday 6 July 2007

Extacit Wiki - Managing my KM dissertation

In my recent post, What is Knowledge Management?, I talked about personal KM. As part of my experiment with blogging, I have now created the Extacit wiki on

My plan is to use this wiki to document many aspects of the dissertation from my initial possible proposal ideas, to co-ordinating and organising my communication with the supervisor assigned to me.

I see the advantages as being:
  • Collaborative review - The use if wiki will mean that both my supervisor and I can review, comment, and update any part of the Extacit wiki even if we cannot meet on a particular week.
  • Consistent Versioning - Hopefully the wiki will greatly reduce the number of email traffic which would normally be associated with organising and managing a dissertation project like this.

  • RSS Feeds - The built in rss feed will automatically inform my supervisor (and any other subscribers) that a change to a page has occurred. Meaning I don't have to constantly spent hours emailing my updates to them.

  • Anytime, Anywhere editing - When I am at work, I usually have to email any thoughts or research to my personal email and work on it when I get home. Now, I can simply record a note on a to-do list at the wiki and can capture the thought/link immediately.

  • Peer exposure - I hope that by publishing my ideas and thoughts through this blog and the Extacit wiki, I can increase the number of readers of my ideas. I welcome any comments on either my blog posts or indeed any aspect of the wiki.
You can see the new Extacit Wiki here.

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