Tuesday 10 July 2007

Book - "Transforming your intranet"

I came across this fantastic chapter today via Bill Ives Portals & KM blog (which is a goldmine for all on KM, portals, blogging and much more!).

This book is called "Transforming your intranet", and the technology chapter "Preparing for Intranet 2.0 - how to integrate new communication technology into your intranet" is authored by Kathleen Gilroy, the Otter Group and Bill Ives.

I will talk about this paper in more depth in later posts, but I really think it is one of the best I have seen in terms providing a great snapshot of the use web 2.0 technologies to encourage innovation, collaboration and platforms for publishing ideas.

In this chapter you can read about:

  • Understanding RSS

  • Building a blog network

  • Wiki's

  • Social computing tools

  • Search techniques (tagging)

  • Case Studies (Siemens, IBM, and Merrill Lynch)

You can download the chapter from here.

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