Wednesday 15 August 2007

KM - Creating the learning environment

I love to learn, but in my own way. I prefer the practical - learning by doing, rather than classroom training courses with a "comedian" instructor.

I like to learn from others in a master and apprentice situation. I like working closely with an experienced colleague to watch how they complete tasks, analyse problems, communicate and deliver solutions.

However, the working environment within an organisation often doesn't allow sufficient time for such learning. The "master" may be so busy, that they have no time for an "apprentice".

JP Rangaswami makes some interesting points in his post entitled Facebook and the Enterprise: Part 5: Knowledge Management on his blog confused of calcutta.

Knowledge management is not really about the content, it is about creating an environment where learning takes place. Maybe we spend too much time trying to create an environment where teaching takes place, rather than focus on the learning.

He continues by noting 3 primary reasons why organisations would want to "manage knowledge" to share learning:

  1. So that same mistakes are not repeated.
  2. To speed up tasks.
  3. To encourage teaching and learning.

I described above what my favourite learning traits are, and JP puts it very nicely:

a “let me show you” session, is worth a thousand “let me tell you” sessions.

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