Monday 24 September 2007

The Knowledge Management puzzle!

I have been studying knowledge management for 21 months now, and as I start my dissertation, I am thinking about specific applications of knowledge management.

We have all heard KM being described as an "umbrella" term for many different applications of extracting usable knowledge from data and information.

In a lecture (Business Systems Intelligence) tonight, we heard the term:

we are drowning in data, but starving for knowledge!

Well, to help define what is contained under this umbrella, Lucas McDonnell has written a great post called 51 pieces of the knowledge management puzzle.

It is amazing to read down through the list, knowledge management really does transcend many disciplines and it's applications can vary widely. Maybe this is the problem for us KM practitioners?

Do we find it difficult to express the true meaning of knowledge management, and will this broad spectrum of disciplines work against us?

I do have one more piece to add to Lucas' fine puzzle:

52. Enterprise 2.0 - Integrating web2.0 tools into the enterprise in order to improve collaboration.

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