Thursday 29 May 2008

Presenting at Connectr #4 in Dublin

I will be presenting a "15 minutes of Fame" session at the ILUG Connectr #4 event at the IBM campus in Dublin on June 3rd. My slot is called "Implementing KM - Success Factors" which is closely linked to my previous post on the subject when finishing my dissertation.


George Dearing said...

Colin -
Could you do us a small favor and update your avatar on the CMC..if you send me your password, I can grab our photo and do it for you.

Look forward to publishing some of your content and having you on board.

-george dearing

Colin Mooney said...

Hi George,

I have now updated my avatar and profile on CMC.


Steve Cogan said...

Hi Colin,

I'll be there. Looking forward to the day, and your session.


Stuart McIntyre said...

Looking forward to meeting you at the event!