Wednesday 5 November 2008

COP - Dublin Wiki Wednesday

As mentioned in my previous post, I presented a case study of my dissertation project to the MSc in Knowledge Managment course last Saturday at the Dublin institute of Technology. During this presentation, it emerged that a number of the current class are also working on enterprise wiki deployments in their organisations.

As we discussed the many aspects of introducing "the wiki way" into an organisation, I realised that there were lots of things that we could share with each other as this young technology starts to take hold. I suggested that we could investigate the creation of a wiki community of practice to provide a forum for idea sharing and best practice to be accessible to those around Dublin.

So, this week we are in the early stages of working out how best to approach this initiative. I am quite excited about the prospect, as I have read about other "Wiki Wednesday" groups in places like Toronto and London. I hope that we can engage an enthusiastic group of practitioners to participate towards making it a success.

Lots more on this to come!


Damian Gordon said...

Fair play to you, a great presentation on Saturday, and creating a community is brilliant.

David Terrar said...

Hi Colin,
I run/facilitate/organize/am lumbered with finding venues and sponsors for London Wiki Wednesday. Now that we've connected on LinkedIn, I'd be delighted to help you get a Dublin Wiki Wednesdays off the ground in any way I can. Let's make contact by skype or phone.

Brian Whelan said...

Coming from a marketing backround and being a travel writer (mainly Dublin) I think a Dublin Wiki is a wonderful idea. I'd be delighted to help any way I can. I built this website myself with limited experience.