Saturday 17 May 2008

Promoting Your Enterprise Wiki Portal - Business Card Idea

I have been thinking of ways to promote our enterprise wiki, particularly to new groups who have not been using wiki systems before. One thing I have been trying to do is to sell the concept that the wiki portal can act as a central knowledge repository that we can all benefit from. We called it 'OnePlace', to symbolise this idea "...find all your answers in One Place!".

Then, in a slide show I was putting together, it came to me that if I want to promote this as a great source of knowledge within the organisation, why not promote it using a business card. Now if teams say "where will we find information about xxxx", they can check OnePlace!

I have yet to 'test' this idea, but I think I will include it in any presentations I give internally as my closing slide......"Now the important contact you need is OnePlace"


Jon Mell said...

Colin - this is a great idea. I may bring it up in future engagements (crediting you) and let you know what the feedback/results are.

Colin Mooney said...

Hi John,

Considering the help you gave me during my dissertation, you can use this whenever you wish! We could even develop it into a joint post for your blog on "Ways to promote Web 2.0 adoption"?

Kind regards,